How to Erect a Cantilever System: Step-by-Step Guide for Safe and Effective Installation

Installation Made Easy: A Step-by-Step Guide for Erecting Your Cantilever System Safely and Efficiently

In this episode, we will be discussing the safe and effective installation of a cantilever system, using a step-by-step guide. You’ll learn how to build the column, base, and arm levels on the ground before standing them up with the use of forklifts. We’ll also cover the importance of installing the X-brace in the middle for stability and why it’s best to do it on the ground rather than in the air. Don’t miss out on this valuable information to ensure a successful and safe installation of your cantilever system.

What You'll Learn

  • How to build the columns, bases, and arm levels of a cantilever system on the ground
  • The importance of installing the X-Brace in the middle and starting with the two center horizontals for stability
  • Why it’s safer and easier to install the X-Brace on the ground rather than in the air

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Transcript for the audio/video

Tracy Jackson: When erecting the cantilever system, you’re going to build the trees on the ground. So you’re going to take your column, add your base, your arm levels, and get those completed for each column base arm assembly. Then you’ll use two forklifts to start the first set bay and stand them up and install the X-brace in the middle. If you’re adding units on from there, say attaching one unit to the next, you will just need one forklift to stand it and then have personnel to install the X-Brace. It’s much easier to do it on the ground and only install the X-Brace than doing it in the air. One other note is when installing the X-Brace, always install your two center horizontals first. Not the ones on the bottom or the top, just for stability