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Current Liquidations

Lozier Back Room Shelving
Warehouse Extendable Conveyors
Push Back Rack Equipment

Many times we offer used products from our warehouse as part of our liquidations. These products can include push back racking, double rivet shelving, extendable conveyors, teardrop pallet racks, shelving, and more.

These products often come to us in fair condition but we try to offer them through our liquidations for those looking for a discounted price. Because we are frequently receiving new items to sell through liquidation and they often sell fast, we are unable to keep the website updated with an inventory of those products. 

We add these used products to Craigslist to sell but you can also call us to find out what we currently have in stock for liquidation.

 Get in touch with us at (844)722-7225 to ask about our current inventory