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Warehouses and distribution centers worldwide use pallet racking more than any other type of equipment for their palletized product storage. New and used pallet racks help you control the distribution and storage of your palletized inventory and improve your profitability by creating a more efficient and effective workspace.

Warehouse pallet racking systems are great for maximizing the space in your warehouse. With capacity enough to handle the heaviest loads, pallet racks make it easy to store and organize your entire inventory, allowing you to store items off the floor where they are safe and sound.


Simply Rack is your pallet racking specialist. Our extensive inventory of commercial storage racks is unmatched, as is our superior customer service. Not sure what kind of pallet racking you need? Just give us a call and one of our friendly associates will be happy to help you choose! We offer everything from brand new racking systems to previously used and discounted warehouse pallet racks throughout the entire Austin area. We service the entire I-35 corridor from Oklahoma City down to San Antonio. We can also mix and match both new and used storage s systems in order to meet your need

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Pallet Racks

Selective pallet racks are made of uprights and beams, though additional components can include wire decking, pallet supports, column protectors, and row spacers.

Advantages of selective pallet racks include:

  • Direct access to each pallet
  • Good for low volume or high differentiation product lines
  • First-in-first-out
  • Use standard forklifts for access
  • Front-loaded racking

Push-back racks are great space savers and are super easy to use. As the first pallet is placed on the rack, it sits on the first cart. When the second pallet is loaded, the first is pushed back by one position. When pallets are removed by the forklift, the next pallet slides forward for easy access.

Some of the advantages of push-back pallet racking:

  • Can be combined with a wide range of other storage racks
  • Faster to load than other pallet rack systems
  • Great visibility of stock for warehouse staff
  • High-density storage
  • More faces, fewer aisles
  • No special lifts required!

Pallet flow racks are incredibly versatile and ideal for high-volume, fast-moving product storage situations. As a gravity-fed pallet flow rack system, it helps you cut warehouse costs and saves valuable space. Shelves are inclined, leveraging gravity to put palletized loads into the ideal position for picking. The product is loaded from one side and picked from the other, and make for a highly efficient warehouse pallet rack system.

Some of the advantages to pallet flow rack systems include:

  • Great for high-volume storage
  • 20-pallet deep capacity
  • Single loading and unloading points
  • Can be combined with existing racking systems

Drive-in pallet racks are the storage racks of choice when warehousing items that have a long shelf life. These cost-effective solutions can help you increase your storage capacity by up to 75%. Drive-in pallet racking systems are ideal for items that don’t require immediate access, cold storage, freezer storage, large amounts of similar products, or fragile products that cannot be stacked.

Advantages to drive-in pallet racking include:

  • Good for last-in-first-out (LIFO)
  • Store items in less space
  • Fewer aisles simplify forklift paths
  • Same entry and exit point for each storage bay
  • Store long-term items deeply

Teardrop pallet racks have been around for nearly 50 years, and have become a staple in warehouse storage. These pallet racking systems are easy to configure and customize to suit your facility and offer flexible, reliable storage solutions. One of the primary benefits of teardrop pallet racks is that they are nearly universally compatible, meaning that you can purchase used pallet racks from a variety of manufacturers and still trust them to work together.

Advantages to teardrop pallet racking include:

  • Secure, reliable storage
  • Customizabilty and compatibility
  • Quick, easy assembly
  • Stores goods in various levels




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Frequently Asked Questions For Pallet Racks

What is a pallet rack system?

Pallet racking is a warehouse storage system that enables storage of pallets in horizontal rows on metal shelves, stacking upwards vertically which you can access using equipment like forklifts. These storage systems are used to increase storage quantity by taking advantage of vertical space within your warehouse.

What are pallet racks?

A pallet rack is a storage system designed to store materials and products on pallets, which is handled by using horizontal rows on multiple levels going up vertically. There is a multitude of configurations and varieties of pallet racks, but the storage space is always used the same with rows.

Does racking need to be bolted down?

In the majority of warehouse storage environments it is a good idea to bolt down your pallet racking and storage systems, especially if forces of nature or heavy moving warehouse equipment will be used.

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Wow, I have been giving a lot of 5 start reviews as of late, but I want to give recognition when I receive great service. Simply Racks had a bottom line price and it was very fair... Not the cheapest in the country, but certainly good value, and located so close I was able to get the pallet racks I needed the same day and Jennifer was very knowledgable about the setup of the racks, specific even to my industry. Super friendly, no haggle just quality product at a more than fair price. Friendly and professional to boot. I purchased the racks a while back... Yesterday I got a followup email making sure that I was satisfied, and if I had any questions that they were happy to assist. In my mind that type of customer service is rare, so I decided to leave a review. Kudos! P.S. There was no solicitation for a review of any kind in the followup email, I just felt compelled to share. 🙂
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Incredible customer service. We purchased the racking for our new warehouse from Simply Rack and they delivered and installed within the same week! We were in a bind so it was greatly appreciated, PLUS they were less than the other quotes we received. We definitely will be back and will refer our neighbors!
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Had to write a quick note about our experience with Simply Rack & Warehouse Equipment, Inc. We needed a racking system in our warehouse so I googled "warehouse racking". After a lot of review and phone calls, we requested a meeting with Tracy at Simply Rack. She came to assess our warehouse very shortly after our call (I think within 48 hours?) , and had a proposal to me a couple days after her visit. The proposal was thoughtful, insightful and took into consideration needs that we knew we had, and needs we didn't know we had. Tracy comes with a lot of experience which served us well. From the initial contact to the installation - we couldn't be happier with our experience with Simply Rack & Warehouse Equipment.