Structural Cantilever System with a 72 Inch Brace

Unleash Your Building Potential with the Strongest Cantilever Bracing System on the Market

This Structural Cantilever System has a 72 Inch Brace, providing unmatched stability and support, making it the strongest cantilever bracing system on the market. This cutting-edge system the solution to all your warehousing and storage needs! With its advanced engineering and durable materials, this cantilever is a great choice for your pallet racking needs. Watch this video now to learn more about how this innovative product can benefit your next project.

What You’ll Learn

  • How the Structural Cantilever System works and why it’s considered the strongest cantilever bracing system on the market.
  • When and where you can use this product to enhance the stability and durability of your projects.
  • Why the 72 Inch Brace is a game-changer and how it can help you unleash your storage potential while providing unmatched support and stability.

Listen to the audio version below!

Transcript for the audio/video

Tracy Jackson:Welcome to the Simply Rack and Warehouse Equipment video series. This is based on a structural cantilever system with a 72-inch X brace.

The 72-inch X brace takes different hardware because it’s a heavier-duty strut to support the system. It’s all structural. You are still going to use the long bolts on the left and right of the base.

Again, these are going to be 48-inch arms, 48-inch bases, 72-inch X brace, and 12 feet tall. This system does show the accessory pipe stop that is removable. You can put a chain on there to make it easier to use.

Long bolts on bases, M20bolts, four per arm, and then on the X brace set, you’re still going to use the channel, but this three-inch M12 has a spacer between the X brace system. You will get two bolts and two spacers in your package.

The other difference is you’re going to use the three-inch M12s on the X brace because this X brace struts, the strut is the left to right piece, is a channel. It’s actually a welded, full channel and not just flat-stock.

You will also have the two-inch M12s connecting the bolts just like on the 60-inch and 48-inch, and they do share a bolt if you’re connecting different sets together.

If you ever have any questions regarding assembly, please contact our office, at (512) 869-2803. Thank you.