Warehouses and distribution centers worldwide utilize pallet racking more than any other equipment for palletized product storage. Control the distribution and storage of your palletized inventory and improve your profitability by investing in the right pallet rack system for your operation.

Cantilever rack is the ideal storage system for non-palletized material such as furniture, steel bars, pipe and tubing, lumber and other long, heavy items. Cantilever racking is a freestanding storage unit with horizontal load carrying arms extending outward from a single vertical column.

Clip-type steel shelving uses compression clips, rather than nuts and bolts, allowing for easy installation and flexibility when arranging shelf locations. The compression clip design provides basic, all-purpose storage that has proven to be ideal for bulky or packaged items.

Stack rack can be a better material handling solution than standard pallet racking. They act as their own pallet, eliminating the need and cost of wooden pallets. The vertical posts allow racks to be stacked several units high, without load-on-load contact – eliminating product crushing damage.

Drive in pallet rack is a high density storage solution that requires fewer aisles and better cube utilization than standard pallet rack. Forklifts drive directly into the racks making it easy to retrieve pallets. ‘Drive in’ rack and ‘drive thru’ rack are terms that are used interchangeably.

Push back pallet rack is ideal for a high density storage option. In a push back system, the pallets nest in a tray that rides along rails within the pallet rack frame. Typically, the rails are supported on an incline, allowing gravity to move the railed trays towards the front of the rack.

Pallet Flow allows pallets to move from back to front (similar to push back) and, as they are picked from the rack, the next in line acquires the previous pallet’s position.

Mezzanines allow you to increase your storage space, create a work platform, or renovate an existing warehouse space. Mezzanines create additional storage space and avoid costly facility expansion or relocation.

Conveyor allows you to rapidly and efficiently transport a diverse array of materials of materials throughout your warehouse, making it very popular in the material handling and packaging industries.