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Boltless, Bulk, Rivet Shelving

Boltless, bulk, or rivet shelving is an alternative to pallet racking. Bulk storage shelving is a low cost method of storing product which handled manually instead of being transported on a pallet. The storage surface can be particle board or wire decking. Compared to standard steel shelving units, bulk shelving can sustain almost twice the load capacity per level.

Clip-Type Steel Shelving

Clip-type steel shelving uses compression clips, rather than nuts and bolts, allowing for easy installation and flexibility when arranging shelf locations. The compression clip design provides basic, all-purpose storage that has proven to be ideal for bulky or packaged items. Steel shelving is offered in fully independent free standing units with either open or closed backs and sides.

Carton Flow Shelving

Carton flow shelving, also known as gravity flow racks, increase order pulling accuracy by automatically moving product forward as items are pulled. Restocking and picking becomes more efficient and fewer employees are required to complete tasks. In addition, flow and gravity racking can save half of the valuable floor space required by static storage for the same number of SKUs.

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