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Managing pallet storage in your storage facility is vital. With a great pallet loading and unloading system, you’ll reap many benefits including better inventory control, more efficient working processes, reduced handling costs, and more. Pallet Flow Racks are a great way to achieve high-density storage options in a first-in, first-out system.

Warehouse Pallet Flow Racks employ gravity to smoothly position stored pallets, ensuring easy removal. This allows you to store more pallets in the same space for a higher storage density when compared to selective racking.

How Do Warehouse Pallet Flow Racks Work?

New and used pallet flow racks are a great addition to a storage facility, allowing you to enjoy a high storage density option that offers fast first-in, first-out stock control. The system works by using gravity-fed flow rails, which the pallet is loaded onto. Once loaded, the pallet slides down the flow lane, with brakes to regulate speed. As a load is removed from the rack, the other pallets will slide down into place, creating automatic inventory rotation.

Advantages over other pallet systems

Investing in a warehouse storage system can be daunting, but new pallet racks have a slew of benefits that make the investment well worth it:

  • More efficient in a limited space
  • High storage density
  • Control inventory rotation with the first-in, first-out system
  • Reduced equipment handling costs
  • Less risk of wear or damage to equipment and goods
  • Cuts down physically demanding tasks
  • Saves time and increases worker efficiency

Industries that benefit from Pallet Flow Racks

With New Pallet Flow Racks, the first load in is always the first one to be taken out, which makes it an efficient system for managing stock and inventory rotation. The first-in, first-out system creates a form of automatic stock control, perfect for industries such as:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Food and beverage storage
  • Garden and homeware
  • Products in cold or freezer storage
  • Perishable goods

New and used Pallet Flow Racks

Simply Rack is the first choice for warehouse storage, especially pallet flow racks. We stock and supply both brand new systems and high quality used pallet flow racks and can also mix and match both new and used, ensuring you can transform your warehousing process at any budget, right when you need it.

Contact Simply Rack today and we’ll help you determine the best pallet racking system for your business, whether that’s pallet flow racks, cantilever racks, warehouse shelving, or any of our other systems. Located in the Austin, Texas area, we service the entire I-35 corridor from Oklahoma City down to San Antonio. 


Frequently Asked Questions

  • When should I choose a pallet flow rack system?

    Pallet flow rack provides superior storage density over all other rack systems with a First-In/First-Out (FIFO) inventory flow. The system design is tightly configured, packing in a high number of pallets in a condensed space. A flow lane is a system of rails with wheels angled at a slight pitch that allows pallets to flow from the loading side to the retrieval side on the other aisle.

  • What is flow racking?

    Pallet flow rack is most often configured with opposite aisles for pallet loading and extraction. The flow rails can be easily mounted to standard pallet rack storage systems which will depend on what type of materials and packages you will be storing.

Eli S
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Wow, I have been giving a lot of 5 start reviews as of late, but I want to give recognition when I receive great service. Simply Racks had a bottom line price and it was very fair... Not the cheapest in the country, but certainly good value, and located so close I was able to get the pallet racks I needed the same day and Jennifer was very knowledgable about the setup of the racks, specific even to my industry. Super friendly, no haggle just quality product at a more than fair price. Friendly and professional to boot. I purchased the racks a while back... Yesterday I got a followup email making sure that I was satisfied, and if I had any questions that they were happy to assist. In my mind that type of customer service is rare, so I decided to leave a review. Kudos! P.S. There was no solicitation for a review of any kind in the followup email, I just felt compelled to share. 🙂
James H
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Incredible customer service. We purchased the racking for our new warehouse from Simply Rack and they delivered and installed within the same week! We were in a bind so it was greatly appreciated, PLUS they were less than the other quotes we received. We definitely will be back and will refer our neighbors!
Deb C
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Had to write a quick note about our experience with Simply Rack & Warehouse Equipment, Inc. We needed a racking system in our warehouse so I googled "warehouse racking". After a lot of review and phone calls, we requested a meeting with Tracy at Simply Rack. She came to assess our warehouse very shortly after our call (I think within 48 hours?) , and had a proposal to me a couple days after her visit. The proposal was thoughtful, insightful and took into consideration needs that we knew we had, and needs we didn't know we had. Tracy comes with a lot of experience which served us well. From the initial contact to the installation - we couldn't be happier with our experience with Simply Rack & Warehouse Equipment.