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Pallets once revolutionized warehousing, allowing workers to store lots of stock on a single pallet in a safe and secure manner. Unfortunately, a fully loaded pallet also presents storage problems due to their weight and size. If you’d like to maximize the efficiency of your pallet storage practices, why not use push back racking?

A push back rack system from Simply Rack will completely transform your loading processes, providing up to double or even triple the storage density compared to standard pallet rack storage systems and greatly improving the loading and unloading speeds of your forklift drivers. If your facility handles palletized goods, investing in a new warehouse push back system increases your available capacity and as a result, improves profitability and efficiency.

What is a push back rack?

A warehouse push back rack is a pallet loading system that uses gravity-fed carts which sit atop inclined steel rails. A push back rack allows you to store pallets between two to six deep on each side of an aisle, which means you’ll enjoy higher storage density when compared to traditional pallet storage methods. The system is gravity-fed, which provides massive improvements to your loading and unloading processes. To find out how, it’s important to understand how push back racks work.

How do push back racks work?

New and used push back racks redefine how your loading process works. With a push back rack, a pair of inclined rails sit below nesting carts, which move freely due to gravity. Pallets are loaded onto these sliding carts. In practice, this means that once the first pallet is loaded, the loader can simply push back the initial pallet and easily load the second. Once this is done, the driver can then repeat the process with the third pallet and so on, up to a limit of six pallets.

When it is time to remove the pallets, this process is reversed: once the first pallet is removed, the others easily slide into the first pallet’s place to be easily removed – which means all pallets can be unloaded in quick succession. This greatly improves the loading and unloading process within your warehouse when compared to a standard pallet storage system.

Advantages over traditional pallet systems

In brief, push back rack systems offer the following distinct advantages: they maximize the use of available space, they ensure very little vertical height space is wasted and each level can be used to store a different product range.

Push back racks save time and maximize storage space

Because push back rack systems allow faster loading and unloading when compared to standard drive-in racks, they obviously increase the speed at which pallets can be loaded and unloaded. In addition, each level of a rack can store a completely different product and items can be quickly rotated based on sell-by dates or other factors to improve stock rotation in a “first in, last out” system.  As part of this easier loading process, forklift workers benefit from a simpler work system and can, therefore, speed up their own productivity. Due to the fact the racks are gravity-fed, the systems will also function perfectly in cold storage or freezers.

Finally, you can free up storage space by installing push back rack systems. This increased floor space also improves safety within your warehouse environment – keeping workers safe as well as improving your overall productivity and minimizing clutter.

Industries that could benefit from push back racks

The improvement to loading and unloading time offered by push back racking has obvious benefits for industries that prioritize speed such as retail, food distribution, manufacturing, automotive and pharmaceutical. However, all businesses that use a warehouse space can benefit from the productivity gains on offer – and can also benefit from maximizing their available vertical space.

New and used push back racks

If you think your warehouse could benefit from a used or new warehouse push back rack, choose Simply Rack. Not only are we experts in warehousing storage solutions, we also offer a guarantee of quality with both used and new products, allowing you to enjoy cost-savings with complete peace of mind. We hold over 25 years of industry experience, so we can offer advice that will provide genuine benefits to your business and we can confidently answer any questions you have about our products.

Improve your warehouse’s efficiency and storage density with a push back rack system. Get in touch with Simply Rack today!

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