Efficient Storage Solutions: Utilizing Cantilever Hardware for 6' X-Brace

Revolutionizing Warehouse Storage: Exploring Efficient Solutions with Cantilever Hardware for 6' X-Brace

In this episode, we take a detailed look at the hardware components required for the structural cantilever column with a six-foot X brace. The discussion includes an overview of the number of bolts and anchors needed for the base and arms, as well as the specific bolts required for the X brace. Listeners will gain a better understanding of how to assemble the system and the optional pipe stops. Whether you’re looking to purchase or assemble a cantilever system, this episode provides valuable insights into the hardware requirements and how to ensure stability and efficiency.

What You'll Learn

  • The specific hardware requirements for the 12-foot tall, 48-inch arms and bases, and 6-foot X brace cantilever system.
  • Tips and best practices for assembling the system, including how to ensure stability and efficiency.
  • The optional pipe stops and how they can be used to improve the functionality of the cantilever system.

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Transcript for the audio/video

Tracy Jackson:

We’re going to look at the hardware associated with this structural cantilever column with six foot X brace. The first note is on the basis, you’re going to have four long bolts per base. And if it’s single-sided, you’re going to add an anchor kick plate in the back, anchor holes per kick plate. You will also anchor on the base with two anchors. For instance, if you’re going to put an anchor in the front right, you’re gonna put an anchor in the back left and then another anchor in the back right. It’s just to give it extra stability. And those are obvious in your package, the long bolts. The arms themselves have M20 bolts, and those will be the only M20s needed for the system and it’s 4 per arm. Once we get over here to the X-brakes, the six foot X-brace is slightly different because the X-brace itself, as we said, are angles and you have a spacer in between. You will also have, these are a long M12 bolt. for the X brace. for both four corners. Let me get out here and show you a better view. It’ll take M12s in each of the four corners, one in the middle, and then you’ll have 2 per the horizontal. If you’re putting multiple sections together, this bolt right here will be shared on the other side x-brace. As you can see from this angle, there’s two per horizontal, or I should actually say four per horizontal, two on the left, two on the right. Once you see this, it’ll make sense how to assemble this system. But it can be confusing once you receive it in your yard on what you’re going to do. The other item that’s optional on this are the pipe stops. The pipe stops literally just pull in and out. You can attach a chain on it if you would like. bottom so you can just pull it out and drop it. That is not included with the system but you could rig something yourself to make it work. So that is the 12 foot tall, 48 inch arms, 48 inch bases, 6 foot X brace cantilever system. Call us if you have any questions regarding purchase or assembly, thank you.