Cantilever Racks in Austin TX

cantilever rack offers many advantages!

In this video, Tracy explains the value and use of cantilever racking! Does your business work with long, heavy items such as lumber or tubing? A cantilever racking system may be an ideal addition to your warehouse or storage space! If you’re in need of racking of any kind, call the experts at Simply Rack today to get quality merchandise and excellent service at 512-869-2803!

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What You’ll Learn

  • What is cantilever rack?
  • Why is this rack ideal for the storage of lumber, tub, bars, or more?
  • Are there price advantages to using cantilever racking over traditional pallet racking?

Listen to the audio version below!

Transcript for the audio/video

Tracy Jackson: Hi, welcome to the Simply Rack video series! Today we’re going to be discussing structural cantilever. Structural cantilever rack is the ideal storage system for non-palletized material such as lumber, steel bars, pipe-tubing and other long, heavy items. Another form of cantilever specific to the furniture industry has a continuous solid surface from arm to arm, increasing the density of furniture storage, however the last few years that has decreased in popularity because of the cost when pallet racking can be used at a fraction of the cost.

Behind me is a sample of structural cantilever racking. It’s a free-standing storage unit with horizontal load arms extended from a vertical column. This particular system is single-sided. The arms and base only come off of the front of the column, however, there are holes punched in the back of the column to make it a double-sided system, which dollar-for-dollar, is much more cost effective because you’ve already purchased the x-bracing, the column, and only need the additional arms and braces. In a nutshell, this is the type of storage racking used for lumber that is used at Home Depot and Lowe’s if you’ve ever been in there.

Since cantilever rack uses arms rather than beams, it’s easy to adjust the height of the arms depending on the size of your storage load. You can even add more arms as needed, or decrease the arms as you need additional height. This reduces handling time and allows you to get more done in less time. When you configure your racks exactly as you need them for your specific stock, it’s more accessible, enhancing productivity and accuracy across the board.

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