Your Ultimate Guide to Purchasing Pallet Racking, Cantilever, and Bulk Shelving -12

Expert Tips On Buying Warehouse Storage For Your Business

In this episode, join Tracy Jackson of Simply Rack and Warehouse Equipment as she covers the intricate process of purchasing warehouse storage solutions. From conceptualization to execution, you’ll learn the ropes of efficiently obtaining pallet racking, cantilever, and bulk shelving tailored precisely to your needs, ensuring your storage solutions are as efficient as they are effective. Tune in now to optimize your warehouse space and storage strategy!

What You'll Learn

  • How to effectively purchase warehouse storage solutions, leveraging both consultative guidance and the user-friendly Quick Ship forms
  • Why you should make informed decisions regarding dimensions and load capacities, optimizing your storage for maximum efficiency
  • What essential factors to consider in terms of payment options and delivery methods, ensuring a smooth and tailored acquisition process

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Transcript for the audio/video

Tracy Jackson:

Hi, I’m Tracy Jackson with Simply Rack and Warehouse Equipment. Today we’re going to discuss the buying process. How do you actually buy pallet racking from us, and what do you need to buy? It shouldn’t just be pallet racking, it could also be cantilever or bulk shelving. We make it very easy to purchase. You can call us and we can discuss your needs of what you’re specifically needing, or we can send you our quick ship form. which is product we stock in our inventory and down, excuse me, cut that. Or you can look at our quickship form, which is product that we stock at our warehouse in Georgetown, Texas.

We can deliver, whichever you prefer. We try and make it as simple as process. We try and make this process as simple as possible for you to get the product you need for your warehouse. The product you need for your warehouse. Okay, first on our quickship form will be the uprights. The uprights are the end pieces and we’ll need to know the depth and the height. The depth is determined by what you’re storing on it. If you’re storing a standard pallet, which is 40 inches wide and 48 inches deep, you’re gonna need a 42 inch deep upright. And then you have to figure where your top shelf level is gonna be. That’ll be limited by your ceiling height or by your forklift lifting height. And we have a large list of items in different sizes and capacities to pick from our quickship list. If you need help determining the size, please contact a sales associate and we can walk you through the process.

Next on the form are the beams. The beams are what create the shelf level. And you’re going to have two dimensions. The width, which will be 48 inches, 96 inches, 108 inches, or 144 inches. Those are the most common sizes. And within that, you’re going to have different capacities. As I said, a standard pallet is 48 inches deep or 40 inches wide by 48 inches deep. If it’s 40 inches wide, you could either use a four foot, eight foot, or 12 foot beam. If you’re using a 48 by 48 pallet, which is not uncommon, but it’s not considered standard, you’ll need a nine foot beam or 108 inches. And we do have different capacities in that as well. please refer to the form. If you want wire decking, you don’t have to figure out the wheel, just let us know you want decking on all shelf levels and we can determine what size you need for that. Then we go down the list to our cantilever. Cantilever is what you store large items such as lumber and pipe on. Cut that. Next is cantilever racking, ragging for large items such as lumber and pipe. We stock a 12 foot tall because that’s the most common around the central Texas area. If you need a taller size, please let us know, but we will need to order it from the factory so there is a longer lead time. The arms we stock are 48 inches, which is what 99% of the world needs for their product. So what we’ll do is have… capacity of 3,000 pounds per arm with 48 inch arms or bases. You can get this product in either single sided or double sided. The columns can be used for both. If you have any questions please reach our sales associates at 512-869-2803. The next item is double rivet bulk shawling. That’s for lighter hand stack items. that’s more sturdy than what you buy out of a box at Home Deep over Lowe’s. It’s industrial quality. We only sell this product with wire decking because that’s what meets fire code in large jurisdictions and municipalities. So wire decking will be your only option. Wire decking will be your only option. If you would like to use a wood surface… You would just need to provide your own wood surface for that, but we do have the front to back supports that will sell you extra to give it extra rigidity. That takes care of the majority of what you’ll need for your warehouse. If there’s any other specific items not listed on that form, or you want to see if we have that product in use, please let us know when you’re applying with the quickship form.

Since COVID- There just hasn’t been a lot of used material on the market. Everybody’s growing and not a lot of people going out of business. If they move, it’s about the only time we get to purchase used material and it’s limited. But the price between new and used right now is small because of the demand for used. You’re really almost paying the same price for used material as new. And again, we have it at our facility in Georgetown, Texas. Once we send you the quote, if it all looks good, you’ve confirmed it with your sales associate and you want to place your order, just let us know. What we’ll do is we’ll have accounting send you an invoice and you can pay that invoice, excuse me, you can pay the invoice online. There’s a review and pay link within the order and you can pay up to a hundred thousand dollar invoice through the bank transfer. We do have a small limit for credit cards, and we do charge 3% for the credit card processing fee. If you want that charge added, we can certainly do it added to your invoice and then turn on the credit card payment issue. If you would like the credit card cut, if you would like the credit card option to pay with, just let your sales associate know we’ll add the 3% charge to your order. and accounting will turn on the link to use a credit card. However, bank transfers are free through the form, as well as we can provide our wire or ACH instructions, if you would rather do it directly. Another option would be paying by check.

If you would like to pay by check, please scan the front and back of the check in color. and email it to our accounting department. They can electronically deposit that check to speed up the process versus waiting for it to be overnighted or mailed by the postal service. We do have delays like everybody else in getting mail, and oftentimes the checks are lost. To eliminate that problem, we do electronic deposits. Once you pay, our orders are sent to the warehouse where we pull and prep them. If you’re paying for delivery, once paid, you go on the next delivery slot and installation slot if you’ve selected installation as well. And then, or if you didn’t select either installation or delivery, we just put you on the pickup schedule and you’ll show up with a flatbed trailer or semi, whatever is appropriate for your pickup and we’ll schedule that about two to three days later. If you have any questions… My name is Tracy Jackson, or you can speak to any qualified sales associate here at Simply Rack and Warehouse Equipment at 512-869-2803. Thank you.