Streamlining Storage with a Single-Sided Cantilever with 6' X-Brace

Streamlining Storage with a Single-Sided Cantilever with 6' X-Brace

In this episode of Pallet Rack Talk, we explore how a single-sided cantilever system with a 6′ x-brace can help streamline storage in your warehouse. Designed to store long and bulky items that are difficult to manage with traditional pallet racking, a single-sided cantilever system is an efficient and cost-effective solution for maximizing your storage space. We’ll discuss the benefits of this system, including improved accessibility, increased load capacity, and reduced labor costs. We’ll also cover the best practices for installation and maintenance to ensure optimal performance and safety. Whether you’re looking to optimize your warehouse storage or are simply curious about the latest innovations in pallet racking, this episode has everything you need to know about streamlining your storage with a single-sided cantilever with a 6′ x-brace.

What You'll Learn

  • The benefits of a single-sided cantilever system with a 6′ x-brace for efficient storage of long and heavy items
  • Best practices for installing and maintaining a single-sided cantilever system to ensure optimal performance and safety
  • How a single-sided cantilever system can help streamline your warehouse storage, improve accessibility, increase load capacity, and reduce labor costs.

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Transcript for the audio/video

Tracy Jackson:
this episode of Simply Rack. Cut that. Welcome to Simply Rack and Warehouse Equipment Canoleaver page. We wanted to show you what the single-sided structural canoleaver looks like with a 6-foot X-brace. This system has two 12-foot tall columns, two 48-inch bases, three arm levels per column, foot X brace. Also shown are the pipe stops that are an optional purchase if you have any pipe or rolling objects that can come off the front. The system is very heavy duty, holds 3000 pounds per arm. So this is 6000 pounds per level. The 6 foot X brace is slightly different than the 4 foot or 5 foot and that it’s actually tube stop. for the x. If you look here, you’re going to see the horizontal itself is a tube and then angle for the x-brace. There is a double X for stability in the system. to keep it secure on uneven, cut that uneven area, cut that out.