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If your business or factory moves a high volume of goods, loads and unloads trucks, or needs a more efficient form of transportation for products, you need a customized conveyor system.

There are many types of conveyors, such as overhead systems, unpowered gravity conveyors, extendable conveyors, and many more, but they all share one common purpose: they make it easy to quickly move large volumes of product safely and efficiently around your facility. Conveyor types can also be mixed and matched, operating together to build an efficient system perfectly suited to your specific needs.


The Advantages of Extendable Conveyor Systems

If you’re looking to improve efficiency, speed, and safety in your warehouse, we highly recommend looking into a conveyor system. In addition to being durable and easily configurable, these extendable conveyors:


  • Reduced Labor Costs

Transporting objects manually can be extremely time-consuming and require a fairly large labor force. Implementing a gravity-driven conveyor allows you to reassign workers to more useful tasks and reduce your workforce for substantial savings.

  • Increased Productivity

Conveyor transportation systems are far more efficient than human labor for moving goods around a warehouse, distribution center or factory, particularly for large volumes. Moving more product, faster allows your productivity to scale, and your business to be more profitable.

  • Enhanced Visibility

Open conveyor systems allow facility workers to see items as they move around your facility. This increased visibility makes flaws easier to spot before they leave the line. It also assists in identifying problem areas in production.

  • Easy Adaptation

Extendable conveyors can be permanent fixtures or movable. There are rigid conveyors but also flexible conveyors that can be easily routed around obstacles. You can purchase portable, extendable conveyors (or telescopic conveyors) that can be moved into position, daisy chained when needed, and then disassembled and rolled out of the way. Conveyors come in a huge variety of shapes, sizes, and functional purposes to satisfy nearly any conveyance demand.

  • Assured Safety

When workers are required to carry heavy loads over distances, the chances of injury are high. Replacing manual labor with gravity-driven conveyor systems cuts down on the frequency of worker injuries dramatically, which means fewer worker’s compensation claims, sick days, lower insurance costs and a more reliable workforce.


Why You Should Buy from Simply Rack

We have the experience to design highly efficient conveyor systems perfectly suited to your specific applications. We’ve been in the industry for over 32 years, and in that time we’ve seen it all. We have the knowledge and the equipment to help you build the most appropriate system for your facility.

We make it simple. Unlike most of our competitors, who have to order from their suppliers when you purchase, we stock our products for immediate availability and quick turnarounds. Depending on where you are, local pickup is available as well. We know that time is money, and so we aim to make certain that when you’re ready to move on a conveyor system solution, we have the equipment ready to get you started.


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